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Energy Statements

For the majority of developments, Energy Statements are required to demonstrate compliance with national, regional, and local planning policy objectives to achieve low carbon buildings. We work with our clients to identify the most suitable and cost-effective solutions to reduce a property's emissions and advise on low carbon/renewable technologies to meet your objectives.

Consult Sustainability have an experienced team that can guide you through the planning process and identify a practical strategy to meeting building compliance.

Furthermore, we can demonstrate how you achieve your regulatory emission targets in a succinct report that is easy to understand and outlines this approach through the energy hierarchy.

Sustainability Checklists

Most local authorities have a checklist of requirements to be completed by those seeking planning permission which will ensure that the development proposals meet or exceed the Local Authority regulatory targets for sustainability.

These checklists are usually bespoke to each local authority and cover several climate change issues that relate to the design of the buildings.

Consult Sustainability can assist you in completing these checklists to ensure you can be confident submitting your application.

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Building Overheating Analysis

With the improved building fabric and air permeability standards introduced over the past decade, overheating of new buildings has become increasingly apparent. Consequently, the Government has identified this as a key issue to be addressed and subsequently introduced a new Building Regulation Part O.

Consult Sustainability are knowledgeable about these new requirements. Our team can provide both simplified and dynamic overheating analysis to identify and mitigate otherwise unknown overheating design issues and demonstrate compliance with Building Regulations.

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Daylight-Sunlight Assessment

At Consult Sustainability our assessors can prepare a computational assessment report in respect of daylight and sunlight, following the BRE methodology, to support your overall sustainability strategy and requirements of local planning authority.

Our assessment can be used to inform design decisions and your proposed buildings meet the standards and criteria of comfortable living.

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Design Consultancy

With the wide-ranging expertise of our team, Consult Sustainability can provide design consultancy on all aspects of energy & sustainability matters to help designers complete the design targets and future aspirations of sustainable building design.

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Carbon Offset Reporting

Since January 2023, The Greater London Authority have required major planning applications to be supported by carbon offset reporting to demonstrate compliance with the net zero carbon targets outlined within the London Plan Planning Policy.

At Consult Sustainability, we have extensive experience in completing these calculations and providing advice to developers on cost effective measures to meet their obligations.

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